Minna Saarinen 22.12.1963 - 08.09.2006
We will always remember the tragic year, 2006, when we lost Minna Saarinen,
our devoted Borzoi breeder of Kennel Rajalinjan. Minna was mainly responsible of Rajalinjan Borzois, where the first litter was born in 1987. The prefix Rajalinjan is although older, Minna’s father had it already in late sixties. When Minna planned a Borzoi litter, she did it just for herself, she knew what she want and worked hard to get it. Rajalinjan Borzois have got lot of success and surely there are still some competitions to win, but now without Minna. We don’t want to throw her work away and with help of Milja Saarinen, Minna’s mother, and Paula Saarinen, Minna’s sister, there will hopefully born some Rajalinjan litters also in the future. And we all look for the next generation, Paula’s sons Sami and Simo Jyrkinen, will the prefix Rajalinjan go on with one of them?

We want to thank you all Minna’s friends and acquaintances, for your condolences to our sorrow and warm words about her. We will continue Minna’s work here in Finland with the fine material she created and left behind her. We hope all the best to all of you in Europe and USA with Rajalinjan Borzois. Take care of them and their lines. Each of them were Special to Minna.